10 Questions for Evaluating IT Firms - Debunked

What real questions should you be asking for evaluating IT firms for service? Understand the implications of using false questions in terms of evaluating IT firms.
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  • A franchise recently published an article that purported to provide a way in which you could evaluate IT firms.
  • 8 of the 10 questions are completely debunked
  • The reality of the meaning behind these questions is exposed
  • What questions should be asked of IT service providers are discussed

A franchise publishes a list of questions they present as an IT firm evaluator - we debunk it

I got a newsletter from a company that claims to be the biggest managed service provider in the nation. They are a franchise. I did a deep dive into their solution some time ago and vetted it from a business model and technical perspective. Like most things that size, the executives are sales people, not engineers with adequate experience. As a result, they put a system in place that would allow people that have no business being in the industry to own a franchise. The end result is that these foolish people who buy into the franchise have no understanding of the enormous security problems they are creating for clients by using the franchised system. And they have to use it because the franchisee does not allow for other systems to be used.

In their latest newsletter, they purported to provide a list of 10 ways in which you could evaluate an IT services provider.

Their claims are preposterous, and they are asking all the wrong questions.

Let's address these one-by-one.

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1) Do you have 24/7 support?

2) How extensive are your security solutions?

3) Do you have a help desk at your disposal?

4) Do your IT solutions meet your business’ real-world needs?

5) Are the human beings that use your software and hardware protected?

6) Do you meet any industry and government compliance demands?

7) Does your IT provider serve businesses of different sizes?

8) Does your IT team have a nationwide reach?

9) How does your IT provider conduct research and handle development?

10) What exactly is your IT provider doing for you?

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